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I use variety of methods of research  from Google, Google scholar to museums online resources.

The  Metropolitan Museum of Art  website  is excellent. I particularly like the timeline  it’s valuable to look at the era and what is going on around the specific art  movements  to look at the historical context.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art  also has very informative  thematic essays .

I have found using the university library and also my local library website as an excellent resource especially if you  to get access to Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford Reference Online, Oxford Dictionary Of National Biography, Grove Music Online or Grove Art Online from Home or Work  you need to please place CAR before your Library card number when you login to these sites.

MOMA  is  a superb  website and online gallery I have used this alot it’s such a valuable resource.

Closer to home The Freud Museum    has an excellent archive is always nice to look at what’s going on.

Finally The Tate this  website and student resources are always worth a look.


Posted February 14, 2012 by annallewellyn

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  1. Loads of great links that will help me! Nice work

    Imogen Llewellyn

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