Stacking vessels

My aim is to depict the concept of waste, hoarding and collecting. Through my art practice I have been investigating the versatile art form of clay to give me a richer understanding of material objects that tell about our lives. Through working with fired clay I can preserve a unique spontaneity where my personal touch is still visible.  I will take control through the act of throwing, working in a thoughtful language that can reflect social, technical and aesthetic deliberations revealing poetic significance.

Jean Baudrillard states that when an object is stripped of its function “its destiny is to be collected” freed from its explicit function while still preserving references to the container my work takes on a more metaphoric and symbolic quality, to become a signifier of meanings and ideas. The object will be asserting its independence and authority, and as my hand will be expressing this authority through material ideas, shape and simple forms, I will have taken control, will they balance? Will they fall?


Posted March 24, 2012 by annallewellyn

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