1st year Cruella

I decided to make Cruella her own personalised wallpaper from trophy animal heads. using photo shop I copied and pasted the animal heads to form a very original wallpaper.

This was one of my favorite projects, we really had fun working together as a team for a large model.

We has to constuct a day of the dead celebration for cartoon characters. Making an alter festooned with gifts and remembrances  considered apprropriate in order to honour CRUELLA DEVIL

In sculpture you will be using one model to make another. The installation will suggest others, extraordinary figures and objects, possible and impossible, real and imagined, complex and articulated and constructed from materials both solid and transparent. A collectively and day of the dead procession will evolve out of individual constructions.

Artists and objects that influenced this module


Posted March 24, 2012 by annallewellyn

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