Siriol Animation Phoenix Buildings Mount Stuart Square,Cardiff Bay.
Trainee Animation Artist
Jun 82
ToJun 88

The Dave Edwards Studio Grahams Yard ,Allensbank Road,Cathays,Cardiff
Animation Designer
Jul 88
Mar 93

Mike Young Productions Ventura Blvd,L A
Animation designer
Feb 94
Apr 94

The Dave Edwards Studio Grahams Yard ,Allensbank Rd,Cathays Cardiff
Animation Designer
Apr 96
Aug 96

1982 Siriol Animation ,Superted,Will Cwac Cwac.Training in cel paint and trace
,colour design, paint mixing and drybrush animating.
1986 Siriol animation.The easter egg . Half hour special. Colour design
1987 Siriol animation.Gerald Of Wales.Turkey LoveHalf hour Special. Colour design
1988 Siriol Animation. Knightmare Title sequence Colour design
Haf Pilot Colour design
1989 The Dave Edwards Studio.Yoko Tsuno .Pilot Colour Design
HotRod Dogs.Pilot Colour Design
1990The Dave Edwards Studio&Universal Studios ,LA.The Little Engine that Could
1990The Dave Edwards Studio co-ordinated 2 six part TV series of Shakespeare ,The Animated Tales.I Worked in costume and historical research at the RSC for the Russian directors.Sourcing all materials to ship to Moscow for each individual production(fabric for model animation,paints for animating on glass The Dave Edwards Studio Jp Jones Pilot Colour Design
1992 The Dave Edwards Studio.The Legend of Lochnagar Colour Design
1994Mike Young Productions LA.The Secret Garden animated film


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