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Welcome to my  website and blog I hope you will find something  here that will capture your interest.

‘Man is the creation of desire, not a creation of need’ Gaston Bachelard.

From my mother and maternal aunts, I have inherited a wealth of industrialised, commemorative ceramics. All these pieces have a marked place in time to the persons who bought them but to me they are baggage, part of my cultural wallpaper, because the touch of the human hand has been taken out of them.  To me they mean nothing but I am loath to get rid of them.  In effect I have become a hoarder by inheritance; the gentility of their taste has been imposed upon me. I want to take control of my own collection stuff, which will mark my place in time and my commemoration. Through domestic pottery I will be challenging the environment of the home, asserting that it is not for showing but that it is for living. We all seem to be hoarding a huge amount of clutter to no purpose.


Posted March 27, 2012 by annallewellyn

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