Moving installation …To the Butetown summer exhibition

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A  very nervous   transfer of my installation tipping the balance from the University of  Glamorgan degree show down to The Butetown History and Arts centre summer exhibition.

I entombed my delicate ceramics  in bubble wrap and secured the frame in a hardboard coffin!  The door was removed then it was all  placed on the trailer that my husband uses to transport equipment and sheep! So Al put his painting on as well and off they went down the A470 sheep poo and all … We met them down there and nervously deposited them till we could set up the following week.

Thanks to Al, robin and Owain to help with the repositioning and delicate maneuvering.

Looking forward to seeing all who fancy a bit of of Sun, Sea and sangria…well not raining cardiff Bay and wine At the private view on Sunday afternoon 2-4pm.

If you have invite to go to Welsh Artist of the Year squash both in .. I certainly am!

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