Degree Exhbition 2012



30 Degrees – BA Art Show 2012

Event Date June 9, 2012 10 a.m. – June 14, 2012

Location – Kidwelly Building, Treforest Campus

During June, the Faculty of Business and Society will be hosting the 30 Degrees – BA Art Show 2012 showcasing the work of final year students from the BA(Hons) Art Practice degree.


Exhibition details

This exhibition features the work of thirty students whose individuality and diverse creativity is reflected in the range of practice on show.

In this exhibition home and landscape are encountered in the everyday, the extraordinary and the sublime. Experiences of living and being, memory and loss are explored in representations of the body and through objects that are both significant and familiar to many of us. The physical, social and emotional environments, which we inhabit and share with other living creatures, are spoken of with resonance in the artworks on display.

Sometimes humorous in content, always serious in intent, the works in this exhibition are united in the creativity and purposefulness with which subjects are explored. This exhibition is testament to the intelligence, skills and creative enterprise of these emerging artists who will in their future careers make a valuable contribution to the cultural life of Wales and further afield.

Exhibition opening hours:

The exhibition will be open to the public from Saturday 9th June until Thursday 14th June, 10.00am – 4.00pm daily. A private viewing of the exhibition will also be held on Friday 8th June 6.00pm – 8.00pm.

  • 30 Degrees BA Art Show: 9th – 14th June
  • Private viewing: 8th June

Featured contributors

Example work from Becky Wall

Rebecca Wall

Rebecca Wall works with issues of the female body and ‘the gaze’. Rebecca aims to take back the power of representation, reclaim her body as her own and present an image of herself from an internal point of view. Showcasing the flesh, aches, physical and emotional strains often left out by the distanced artists observing and representing woman in the life room.


Example work from Anna Llewellyn

Anna-Louise Llewellyn

Through domestic pottery Anna has challenged the environment of the home, using the traditional craft of throwing Ann has constructed sculptural ceramics to represent a visual metaphor for her own personal exploration between the fragility of life, and its underlying strength, through memory and commemoration. Life is precarious- will they balance? Will they fall?


Example work from Kelly Unal

Kelly Unal

For a time Kelly has painted women’s shoes as a metaphor of womanhood. For Kelly they embody the strong women she grew up with, her mother in particular, had big shoes to fill, a daunting idea to a child. The parent has to provide emotionally and materially for the child, and it is difficult to ensure the child has adequate emotional security, especially when there is a willing absence of a parent.


Example work from Stephen Walk

Stephen Ward

Stephen’s work echoes very directly his commitment to the landscape and its history. He is interested in how processes and visual language can be used to evoke that which makes place, community and belonging. The process of making art however entails for him, that the presence of the artist is integral to and within the work. It is through materials and processes that Stephen wishes to communicate this commitment and investment to create artwork that fully reflects my sense of place.


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