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Sascha Dillmann mesmerising end of year project.

Students’ Union, University of Glamorgan SU.

Installation Video Art

Sascha Dillmann is an German artist who started his art course at University of Glamorgan last September.

He has created two peices for his end of year projects. Firstly a piece with three video screens each showing Sascha taping his ears, eyes and mouth. This is shown along with the sound the tape makes which makes for intense viewing!

Hear NO……..!?!
See NO……..!?!
Speak NO……..!?!

Video room installation
3 x screen, 3 x stereo & 3 Plinths

Sascha’s interpretation of the saying:
Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil

He worked on the issue of ignorance in this p[piece, with the dots in the title standing for the masking tape in the videos and the masking tape represents peoples ignorance.



Video Installation

4 x Video, 1 screen, headphones, small room.

Yawning! Everybody yawns. WHY? Sometimes we yawn with each other. WHY?

A lot f people say: Yawning is contagious but, the scientists are not sure why we yawn and why we yawn with each other. Do we need the sound and the face motion to infect us with yawning?

The installation is a test situation

1. Without face motion
2. Without sound (Yawn)
3. With sound and covered motion
4. The classic yawn


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