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Knaresborough, Yorkshire – Destinations UK.

St Robert’s Cave

Born Robert Flower in York in around 1160, St Robert became a hermit in a riverside cave near Knaresborough. He was said to have had healing powers and influence over wild animals. After his death in 1218 a following came together spreading the word of the healing powers of the waters at St Robert’s Well.

Mineral waters with powers seem to have dominance in the heritage of Knaresborough, and it was, after all, a spa town and the source of water for some of the Harrogate spas. The mystery of the Knaresborough springs is woven into the famous local tale of the prophetess Old Mother Shipton as her cave is positioned right next to the Petrifying Well.

The Petrifying Well

The Petrifying Well, hidden beside the River, does exactly what its name describes! Watch the water from the spring trickle over the rocky face of rock that juts out of the hillside, and then drip from the stone teddy-bears, hats, lobsters and even a pair of knickers! The high mineral content of the water means that anything the water runs over is left with a thin mineral deposit on its surface. This builds up over time and turns objects left in the stream’s way to stone. And surprisingly quickly too; porous objects like soft toys can be turned to stone within only 3 to 5 months. Over the years many celebrities have donated objects to be petrified; even John Wayne’s hat was hung there and preserved.


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