Two Israeli Artists, Two Worlds of Arts (2) « Moshe Mikanovsky Art   Leave a comment

Two Israeli Artists, Two Worlds of Arts (2) « Moshe Mikanovsky Art.

Two Israeli Artists, Two Worlds of Art
By Moshe Mikanovsky
Shalom Toronto, February 18, 2010

The Israeli Artists Group of Greater Toronto brings together Israeli artists in different disciplines of visual arts, to work, socialize and enhance the Israeli and Jewish culture in Toronto. In this series of articles, we will open a window to some of our artists who live and work in our midst.

This week I had the opportunity to interview two artists who mainly work in 3 dimension materials. First, one of the founding members of the group, award winning ceramic sculpture and photography artist Irit Lepkin. And second, a more recent addition to the group, Jewelry artist Inna Gorshtein.

Irit was born in Israel to an artistic family. Her father is one of the first graduates from Bezalel art school in Jerusalem and is a well-known artist in Israel. A Fine Arts under-graduate from Haifa University, Irit moved to Canada in 1981 with her husband and two children, where she continued her art studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design, and later opened her studio in Toronto. Participating in many art shows featured at the Gardiner Museum, Burlington Art Centre and Visual Arts Ontario, Irit’s work has also been published in books and magazines. She has won several awards, grants and scholarships

Irit’s ceramic sculptures are inspired by organic forms found in nature, and have many political connotations involving social issues. Much of her inspiration comes from her photography and her personal background. She often incorporates mixed media such as rusted metal or barbed wire in order to juxtapose the harshness of reality with the softness of clay. Her piece entitled ‘Shattered Dreams’ is an example of this kind of work. Some of her recent work includes sculptural shoes made in clay and mixed media. 




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