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Dezeen » Blog Archive » The Fragility of Time by Ignacio Canales Aracil.

The information below is from Ignacio Canales Aracil:

The sculptures are made with flowers and plants from different gardens and nurseries that work in collaboration with me. They allowed me to cut their flowers and work in their premisses while choosing, pressing and drying the flowers.

Making the journey and the experience of working outside the studio part of the final piece. The flowers are held together without any structure or glue, they stand and stick together as the straw in a hat after being dried and pressed all at once. The roughness of the process which requires lots of physical effort contrast with the delicacy and fragility of the finished sculpture.

Which although its fragile it is made to last, as some ancient collections of dried pressed flowers are dated 500 years ago. Tradition is a very important value in my work. The sculptures are varnished with a matt spray in order to prevent them from moisture. Except from the first sculpture in which I used a glossy varnish.

Working with flowers trying to preserve their beauty, faces directly the fears that we share in the society about time. Life and dead are confronted in a piece which celebrates beauty, sexuality and time. Fighting with and against nature.

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