My mothers bracelet and my chosen piece from the museum project and my paintings   Leave a comment


“Stone seems destined from the time of its formation to absorb the lessons of life around it-a voluable story teller” –Glen R Brown.
I have decided to continue with the idea of taking inspiration from the natural world as  in the surface design taken from ariel photographs that I practiced in printing then took into my ceramic module by drawing the design onto tiles in Wax.
Everything has a history and the colouring and glass texture sparked my memory of trying on my mothers bracelet in secret from her jewellery box another TOUCH/DON”T TOUCH scenario.
As I have chosen in the Museum a petrified wood fossil this lends itself perfectly to my  ideas of using wax and oil paint to achieve an interesting rendition of my own version of tree rings placed on a tree stump.
Investigating fossils,concentric cirles, geology,encaustic art ,ceramics and graphics,site specific installations,natural vortex  ,and the beautiful phenomena  of the natural world and how it is placed in the art world .The question of TOUCH?DON’T TOUCH.I want to produce something finally that will be beautiful and able to touch.
I intend to investigate the history that is shown on the slab and eventually turning it into a narrative piece that can contain snippets of life from birth onwards and with each circle throwing up little pieces of information could be text or visual stimulants of that time and age.
I have also set up a wordpress blog that I have been using to keep track of my research and I am keen to keep using this as a lauch pad .

My starting point was how to achieve a circle design on board that blends well with the application of oil paint mostly with my fingers in a frantic  circular manner to achieve a natural vortex .I have used various textured surfaces and drawn on them with wax and a nit comb I have  also used a glue gun.These were achieved with varying success. I have displayed them at different heights like tree stumps ,but without giving any significance to the trunk itself only to the decorative top.
I then experimented with watercolour and coffee and masking fluid to achieve movement ,change and variation.
I intend to take this further into a much larger version the slab at the top will be made with multi colored clays and will contain text and objects  ,it will be positioned as a circular table for people to sit around and they can add to the history of the table by leaving objects in the outer ring ,the here and now.
I am not sure how to deal with the tree bark but some of the wax experiments I achieved an interesting effect that I could maybe use to decorate a paper pulp trunk.I also like the idea of trying old cable and wires wrappes around and hanging from the table top like tree roots.
I know that I have had restricted time to achieve a huge amount of work but I certainly feel that I have got a good grounding and I am ready to jump  onto more stepping stones with a wealth of inspiration and source material and also to take this into other mediums-ceramics ,sculpture,installation and also textiles.


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